SAP Concur Travel Survey Reveals Top Concerns

SAP Concur Travel

Travel has become a necessity for almost every business. SAP Concur has been helping companies manage spending by providing expense management solutions. A newly-released SAP Concur travel survey revealed what respondents really have in mind from their business travel experiences.

The survey results from 7,850 respondents across 19 global markets showed that personal safety and frustration that companies will prioritise self-interest over employee needs are some of the major concerns for business travelers. 

Below are the highlights of the SAP Concur travel survey:

  • 58% of the respondents said they changed their travel arrangements because they felt unsafe, while 52% identified travel safety as the most valuable training they could receive from their company.
  • In the last 12 months, 42% of Millennial business travelers minimised travel due to potential health hazards or political unrest. This is quite higher compared to 36% of Gen Z and 23% of Baby Boomer respondents. Additionally, 40% of the Millennials admitted to selecting flights based on aircraft type compared to 33% of Gen X travelers and 21% of the Baby Boomers.
  • 31% of business travelers prioritise personal safety during a business trip; however, 54% believe that safety is not their companies’ top priority.
  • Three out of four or 77% of female respondents said they had experienced harassment or mistreatment during travel. 42% said that they travel with their husband, 38% said that they were ignored by service workers, and 31% said they were catcalled on the job.
  • 46% of Gen Z female respondents reported that they were asked if they were traveling with their husband compared to 31% of Boomers. 
  • 41% of female Millenial respondents were ignored by service workers compared to 23% of Boomers.
  • 95% of LGBTQ+ travelers admitted to hiding their sexual orientation when on business trips. 57% said their reason for this is to protect their safety.
  • 85% said they have experienced changing their travel arrangements due to safety concerns versus 53% of their non-LGBTQ+ colleagues.
  • 67% said that their company is behind the latest tech for easier business travels.
  • 94% of the respondents are willing to share personal information in exchange for improved business travel experience despite being in an era with data privacy concerns.
  • 37% said they feel most stressed out before a trip during the planning, booking and organising aspects. 24% of the business travelers said they prefer taking a cavity fill from a dentist over completing their expense reports.

Mike Koetting, Chief Product Strategy Officer of SAP Concur, said:

“Societal issues and employee experiences are increasingly impacting the way we travel. With these shifts come new expectations from traveling employees that shouldn’t go unnoticed. While companies continue to try and maximise traveler satisfaction, the reality is that employees are hungry for more empathy, guidance and better technology as they run into both common frustrations and unique individual concerns, leaving room for improvement among organisations of all sizes.”

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