SAP CX Live: SAP Sales Cloud leverages machine learning

SAP Sales Cloud is enabling SAP customers to build trusted relationships with their clients by harnessing the power of machine learning (ML) to deliver Intelligent CRM including ML-enhanced deal intelligence and lead intelligence, to drive increased efficiency and speed throughout the sales process.

“Customers are no longer making decisions based on price and product,” said Giles House, general manager, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP. “They’re basing it on trust. And while customers have evolved, most CRM systems have not. To overcome this gap, sales need to be faster, more connected and intelligent to stay ahead of the constantly changing customer and build relationships that go beyond one-off transactions.”

As part of this summer’s rebranding, SAP Sales Cloud encompasses SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, SAP Revenue Cloud and CallidusCloud’s configure-price-quote (CPQ) and contract lifecycle management (CLM) products.

Deutsche Telekom AG selected SAP for its out-of-the-box solution that reduces complexity, improves usage and reduces the time to market by simplifying the CPQ process and eliminating the need for specialised IT skills.

Cooler Master Corp., a leading Taiwan-based thermal technology firm, replaced its previous platform with the SAP C/4HANA suite to build a sales model improving both after-sales business and forecast management.

The KSB Group, a global manufacturer of pumps and valves based in Frankenthal, Germany, has adopted the SAP Sales Cloud solution as a core element in their digital strategy.

“Our legacy system was quite challenged by the complex sales and service processes we have at KSB,” said Hansen Willerding, program lead, SAP Cloud for Customer solution, KSB Group. “Our sales and service teams have access to relevant data now, increasing speed and efficiency of our processes, but also offering our customers a better service.”

Integrated into SAP Sales Cloud, CallidusCloud’s Datahug automatically ranks prospective sales according to their likelihood to close, enabling sales managers to identify at-risk leads and to eliminate leads with a low probability of closing.

The overall SAP C/4HANA solution also incorporates CallidusCloud’s incentives and compensation management capabilities, with SAP reporting that benchmark testing indicates that the solution is improving commission calculations 15-fold – sufficiently fast to enable real-time intelligent recommendations.

A total of 20 SAP customers are now exploring ML innovation with SAP software and four of them have already gone live with the ML capabilities, which leverage insights uncovered in historical data to train the ML model to predict customer preferences to increase sales process efficiencies.

“Working with prospective clients means establishing meaningful connections,” said JP Kato, CRM manager, Insight Enterprises Inc., one of the four companies already live. “In order to help them run smarter and maximise their IT investments, Insight has implemented SAP Sales Cloud and machine learning. The predictive analytics and deep-learning algorithms allow us to efficiently determine our clients’ needs and allocate the appropriate sales resources to intelligently connect with the businesses that would benefit most from Insight Intelligent technology solutions.”

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