SAP Ecosystem Foundation launches inaugural Regatta for Redkite

The SAP Ecosystem Foundation, a newly registered not-for-profit coalition of SAP partner companies, has announced the inaugural SAP Ecosystem Regatta for Redkite event, to be held on 11 November 2011.

Articulate, CIBER, CSC Australia, Everjoy Consulting, Extend Technologies, Oxygen Business Solutions, Plaut IT Australia, Redkite, SAP Australia, Stream Technologies and Wipro have come together to form the Foundation.

The SAP Ecosystem Regatta for Redkite, to be run by Middle Harbour Yacht Club, is open to all customers, partners, suppliers and professionals in the SAP ecosystem.

“The concept of the Regatta for Redkite is to channel the energies and talents of companies working in the SAP ecosystem for the benefit of a charity doing fantastic work in the community,” said Adrian Everett, chair of the SAP Ecosystem Foundation.

“The idea is to have a unique, fun and innovative event that gets all parts of the SAP ecosystem together for a great cause. Getting involved in the Regatta will be more than a ‘feel good’ exercise – it’s also a great opportunity to network and build relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.

“This event is very different from other networking events such as dinners and balls.  It allows companies to enjoy a day of team building, camaraderie and personal satisfaction.”

Redkite provides real and practical support to children and young people with cancer. Redkite is there to support the individual and their families from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and on return home to the community. They provide practical, grassroots support including financial assistance, emotional support and educational assistance.

Entry to the Regatta for Redkite is open to all businesses that make a minimum $1500 donation to Redkite.

Entrants need to organise a yacht (and crew) to compete in the race. A handicap system will enable yachts of all different sizes and classes to compete on an equal footing.

Other features of the Regatta will include:
•    An auction of celebrities as crew members (“get a Wallaby on your winch!”)
•    An auction of renowned skippers for those looking for a competitive edge
•    A live cross to free-to-air TV at some stage in the race
•    A cocktail function at the conclusion of the event.

The first entry is from Stream Technologies, who have organised the original Wild Oats as their yacht.  

Businesses can also support the Regatta through corporate sponsorship of the event. The Foundation is looking for a Platinum sponsor, a Technology sponsor who can showcase their technology on the day, as well as any number of supporting sponsors.

“We are thrilled that the SAP ecosystem of companies has chosen to create the Foundation and organise this Regatta in support of Redkite,” said Alexandra Murphy, relationship manager at Redkite.

“The Foundation has worked tirelessly to create the event from the ground up and they have the full support of the Redkite team.  We believe this will be become a signature annual event every year.”

For more information on entering a yacht in the Regatta, call Adrian Everett on 0414 417 786; email or visit the website at For Regatta sponsorship enquiries, contact Marisa Warren on or call 0413 494 762.

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