SAP Employs IoT Sensors to Transform Environmental Rehabilitation

SAP Australia deploy IOT sensors for environmental rehabilitation

Curl Curl Lagoon Friends and Northern Beaches Council team up with SAP Australia

SAP Cloud and IoT sensors are helping Sydney’s Northern Beaches to measure and improve on water quality

IoT Sensors in CurlCurl Lagoon Link to SAP Cloud

SAP Australia has teamed up with the Northern Beaches Council and Curl Curl Lagoon Friends to improve water quality management and sustainability of the lagoon, using Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, Cloud Platform IoT services and sensing technology from SAP Leonardo to monitor the water and gain valuable environmental insights.

SAP is leveraging SAP Cloud Platform IoT services and SAP Cloud Analytics to continuously monitor and collect data on the lagoon’s water quality in an imaginative application. The team built a buoy named ‘Newton’ from items such as PVC pipe, empty water bottles for floatation, a carrier box, and a pin board. Newton uses SAP Leonardo sensing technology and 3G connectivity to collect water quality data every 30 minutes – a significant improvement compared to previous lagoon monitoring which took place about every two weeks.

Newton 1.0, which was launched in September, experienced some waterproofing and floatation design flaws, and was immediately replaced with the more robust Newton 2.0, which measures salinity, conductivity, pH, and water temperature to provide data both in real time and over a period of time.

This information enables data-driven decisions based on frequent and consistent data collection and analysis to support efforts to rehabilitate the lagoon after decades of urban and industrial development. The information will also be used to help to determine the extent of human impact on the environment, assessing the risk of environmental degradation and reducing overall impact on the environment.

Education of the local students and community is also a key objective of the initiative. Newton is playing a significant part in bringing real-world environmental science into the classroom, while helping students understand environmental conditions at the local level.

Newton is named after Sir Isaac Newton as well as Alan Newton, the former principal of Curl Curl North Public School for his major contributions to the lagoon’s rehabilitation.

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