SAP for Me: SAP Customers’ Digital Companion


SAP for Me, the SAP customers’ easy-to-use portal, was officially rolled out in an open beta phase at the SAPPHIRENOW 2019.

SAP for Me was designed to provide customers a personalised, single access point to their entire SAP product portfolio promoting transparency. Since its open beta phase launch in 2019, it has received critiques from customers as well as commendations from industry experts. The intelligent solution was one of the eight finalists for the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award, a good indication that the portal’s vision is well received by its target audience.   

After the successful completion of its open beta phase, SAP for Me is now made available to all customers worldwide with enhanced capabilities across products, systems, and licences. Dubbed as the digital companion of every SAP customer, the new portal was developed to help them understand and maximise the value of their software investments by connecting the dots between product, license, incidents, and training information.

SAP for Me Enhancing Digital Experience

By June 2020, the customer portal will be made available for partners who hold sales roles, with further functions becoming available later this year. Partners, customers, and SAP will be able to achieve digital 360-degree collaboration through this single access point.

Florian Roth, Chief Information Officer at SAP shared:

“We designed SAP for Me to be a hub where customers can access a consolidated overview of their SAP products and services as well as a digital companion, accompanying customers on their journey to the intelligent enterprise.” 

“We envision SAP for Me playing a key role in providing predictive customer assistance by proactively alerting customers and providing them with relevant recommendations to ensure they are taking full advantage of their SAP solutions,” he added.

Furthermore, the new customer portal will be able to realise SAP’s goal of having three primary access points to the digital experience of SAP. as the digital front door providing interested parties information specific to their preferences; SAP community as the central engagement and knowledge-sharing platform; and SAP for Me as the existing customers’ customised portal; andWorking intelligently together on a shared structure and technical foundation, the three would provide a seamless customer experience across all types of digital interaction with SAP. 

An Advanced Digital Companion

The licence-free, cloud-based solution acts as a digital assistant that helps users see more detailed information about their SAP products and to see how efficiently the business is supported by these products. It gives customers an instant overview of alerts, metrics, and insights mapped to their needs and preferences helping them take immediate action without having to use multiple access points.

As a central repository, the advanced portal can provide valuable insight across all product categories (for example, systems, licenses, orders, and incidents). It allows customers to see the number of products licensed to their company, find available learning content, and review the status of support tickets and relevant notifications.

With the new and future enhancements, the SAP for Me offers the following benefits to all SAP customers:

  • Enhanced transparency into your existing SAP portfolio 
  • Helps expedite effective decisions with a single source of truth 
  • Easier access to data and trainings

Know more about the SAP’s new customer portal here.

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