SAP in Berlin: Investing Millions for Digital Campus

SAP in Berlin: Investing Millions for Digital Campus

Businesses are investing in SAP solutions to boost their operations which contributed to making SAP a leader in the supply chain management systems market. But, on another note, SAP has been investing a lot to contribute.

SAP recently announced its plans to invest more than €200 million into a digital campus located near Berlin central station.

The said investment will include accommodation for up to 1,200 employees who will be working at the “Quartier Heidestrasse”, a 30,000-square meter property also referred to as Europacity.

The new location is expected to strengthen SAP’s technologies in terms of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning.

At present, SAP’s offices are located in Berlin Mitte and Schoenefeld, SAP Data Space and SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam. The investment for SAP in Berlin highlights the importance of the capital region as a valuable location for dialogue with customers, startups, politicians, and universities.

SAP’s Chief Technology Officer and a Berliner by choice, Juergen Mueller, said:

“AP loves Berlin. The capital and its tech ecosystem cannot be overlooked by us and our clients. This applies to the innovations of the future as well as to ‘sBerlin’s location as an important job market. Berlin, like no other capital, has a strong appeal beyond Europe.”

Michael Mueller, the governing mayor of Berlin, emphasised the role of SAP in shaping Berlin’s transformation. He said:

“The decision to develop a joint campus at Quartier Heidestrasse is fantastic news for its employees in Berlin and the city as a whole. It is also a strong signal for Berlin as a city of science and research. I am very happy about the new center of digital economy in the heart of the city and wish SAP all the best for the project.”

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH is overseeing the developments of the Quartier Heidestrasse. The building will feature technological innovations that will engage employees and visitors with its smart building technology. SAP and the developer have agreed to sign a long-term lease agreement for space.

Thomas Bergander, Quartier Heidestrasse GmbH’sGmbH’s managing director, shared his thoughts:

“We are very happy that SAP will move into our office building QH Track in the Quartier Heidestrasse. This decision means not only that a digital hub will be created that fits our concept of a smart and digital Quartier perfectly, but it also means that the employees of SAP will have a great impact on the lively campus at Quartier Heidestrasse.”

The move to the digital campus is expected to happen for the end of 2022.

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