SAP.iO Startup Program Focuses on Healthcare


SAP SE launched its healthcare-focused SAP.iO startup program at the SAP.iO Foundry New York held last 4 September 2019.

The SAP.iO startup program was designed to boost the healthcare-related startups which include employee health and wellness solutions, health IT, hospital system providers, and medical devices. In this venture, access to curated mentorship, application programming interfaces (APIs) and exposure to SAP technologies will be provided by SAP.iO.

Vanessa Liu, head of SAP.iO Foundries North America, said,

SAP is committed to improving the quality of healthcare and employee health and wellness through technology. In keeping with our other New York cohorts, all startups in this cohort are founded or led by women and diverse entrepreneurs, a testament to SAP’s belief that a healthy ecosystem includes entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and supported by the SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative.

Various startups from the healthcare community joined the SAP.iO Foundry New York cohort. These startups include:

  • Bravely, a startup company that helps HR leaders in improving their company’s productivity and retention by connecting employees with professional coaches for confidential conversations.
  • Droice Labs, an AI company that helps physicians in improving their services to patients by providing analysis of real-world clinical data using natural language understanding. They work with government bodies, life sciences companies and providers in the United States and Europe.
  • Hindsait, helps payors and providers in reducing costs and improving patient health using its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that utilizes AI in managing large healthcare datasets.
  • MeQuilibrium, a company that developed a platform that provides leading SaaS-based engagement and performance measurements using behavioral psychology.
  • MyMeds, a startup that reduces costs for payors while ensuring improved outcomes for their members using its engaging digital platform and content.
  • SilverCloud Health, offers an easy-to-use platform that helps increase access and improve outcomes for employers and healthcare organizations by delivering clinically-validated mental health therapeutic care.
  • Time Study, uses machine learning and predictive analytics in automating time submissions, monitoring, and reporting in a hospital setting. They generate real-time results that help providers in meeting compliance requirements for grants and Medicare.

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