SAP.iO Supports Employee Experience Management Tech Solutions


SAP.iO Fund, SAP’s investment arm, continues its goal of growing a generation of revolutionary software businesses in the SAP ecosystem by supporting visionary entrepreneurs leveraging SAP data, APIs and technologies to enhance employee experience management for businesses across the globe.

SAP.iO recently announced its investment in workforce optimisation software company Andjaro. The company, based in Paris and founded in 2015, provides a unique marketplace dedicated to helping organisations
post staffing needs directly on its real-time workforce optimisation platform. The solution—available for purchase at the SAP App Center—allows businesses to reallocate available and voluntary internal staff from other locations within the organisation. This not only minimises HR costs but more importantly, improves the employee experience by offering them the chance to work at other parts of the organisation and get compensated for a temporary relocation resulting in a more interconnected and happy workforce.

With Anjaro’s management platform, organisations are equipped in balancing productivity with staff safety. Ram Jambunathan, SAP Senior Vice President and Managing Director of said,

“SAP customers are continually exploring how to best allocate their most valuable resource – their talent – especially in the current environment. Andjaro’s platform can provide enterprises with new opportunities to redeploy existing human resources efficiently.”

The announcement comes at a time when organisations across the globe are experiencing massive business disruptions. People and work tech solutions from visionary entrepreneurs are proving to be crucial in helping organisations navigate the new volatile environment by ensuring a resilient and highly-engaged workforce who are the center of the creative efforts needed to achieve important business goals.

In this article, we feature these other innovative employee experience tech solutions that have been backed by SAP’s early-stage venture arm.

Employee Experience Tech Solutions

SAP.iO’s portfolio consists of a number of notable workforce tech solutions that aim to provide innovative employee management software for businesses using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.


In February, SAP.iO announced their support of Romanian start-up Jobful, founded by Mihai Cepoi, part of Forbes Romania’s ‘30 under 30′ list. The platform is the country’s first gamification recruitment platform.

The platform is dedicated both to young professionals who want to develop their careers, and to companies that want to streamline the recruitment process through gamification where candidates create profiles based on skills tested and developed through playing.


The new recruitment software company focuses on helping organisations hire and retain the best employees through proprietary software and science. Crosschq gathers people-driven insights from job seekers and those who know them best and converts those insights into data to ensure people and businesses are well-matched.

Earlier this year, the company also announced its integration with Slack, a business communication platform that has seen a rise in users now that remote workforces are the norm. The integration enables HR and hiring teams to immediately access and interact with important reference information, reducing the time it takes to hire and onboard employees.


Paradox, is part of the SAP PartnerEdge program. Its assistive intelligence platform integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. The solution delivers innovation by providing recruiting process automation and enhancing job candidate experience across the globe.

Paradox’s AI assistant, Olivia uses text and conversational messaging on the web and mobile to assist companies by engaging with candidates, answering questions, scheduling interviews and delivering other types of candidate communication. It is available for digital purchase on the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings.


Disco is a real-time recognition platform that integrates into employee communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams that allows a simplified and much easier way for employees to engage and spread a culture of appreciation. The engagement and feedback tech solution socializes, celebrates, and scales culture and employee engagement. Disco integrates with several SAP SuccessFactors modules as well, making it easy to see how engagement changes over time to drive higher engagement and productivity, and enhance employee experience management.

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