SAP launches big data rapid deployment solution

By Nicholas Greene
SAP has announced the launch of its rapid-deployment solution for SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence, designed to both speed up and simplify Big Data initiatives for business.

The SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence solution enables businesses to acquire, analyse, and present data quickly and affordably from a variety of sources, by combining the SPA HANA platform, SAP Event Stream Processor, and optionally SAP IQ software and the Apache Hadoop software library.

The solution also includes templates for typical Big Data use cases, such as stream intelligence, sentiment intelligence and signal intelligence.

“This solution helps our customers make sense of their Big Data and provides preconfigured content and highly applicable Big Data use cases as templates to jump-start their Big Data implementations,” said Elvira Wallis, senior vice president, Solution and Knowledge Packaging, SAP. “By leveraging the power of SAP HANA, this new rapid-deployment solution allows our customers to realize and grasp the power of Big Data to help simplify and grow their business.”

SAP is also offering a free course on the openSAP platform, tiled ‘Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions’, which provide enterprises with information on how best practices, proven methodologies and preconfigured content make adoption of SAP innovations simple.


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