SAP launches new retail mobile apps

In response to the trend for consumers to seek information, prices and recommendations via a mobile device, SAP AG has launched a new retail mobile app, SAP Shopper Experience, to transform the consumer shopper experience, and a new version of the SAP Retail Store Ops Associate mobile app.


According to Retail Systems Research, 80 per cent of retailers believe their store results will continue to erode unless they incorporate technology as part of the store experience.

Available on Android and iOS devices, SAP Shopper Experience incorporates social media sharing, loyalty programs and a self-payment system for shoppers. In addition to a higher level of customer engagement and higher conversion rates from mobile offers, the app is expected to lower retailers’ operational costs via self-service.

The new version of SAP Retail Store Ops Associate allows store associates to execute core merchandising, inventory and customer service functions directly from the shop floor without leaving the consumer, thus helping to boost sales, enhance loyalty and optimise inventory accuracy. This app is currently only available on iOS devices.


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