SAP Learning Hub offers solution-specific training for SMEs


Bernd Welz, SAP SE

SAP has launched eight new editions in the SAP Learning Hub, designed to help learners in small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) gain proficiency in specific SAP solution portfolios, enhancing their skill levels and productivity.

The new solution-focused editions comprise training for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, cloud and data platforms, procurement and networks, analytics, customer engagement and commerce, IoT and digital supply chain, HR, and finance.

“Following the success of our existing editions of SAP Learning Hub, we wanted to further our commitment to empowering our specialised partners and small and midsize customers with training tailored to their unique implementation needs,” said Bernd Welz, executive vice president and chief knowledge officer, SAP Products and Innovation, SAP.

“With the introduction of SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, we are ensuring that all our customers – no matter their size or solution needs – have access to the training they need to implement and use SAP solutions successfully,” added Welz.

With the new editions, learners can “walk through” the software, from implementation and configuration, through to operation, best practices and uses, to improve their proficiency and stay current with the latest technology innovations.

To meet the needs of a variety of learning styles, the new editions provide access to a range of training methods, including learning journey guides, social learning, expert-led sessions, self-study content, and preconfigured live training.

The new editions enable learners to complete learning assignments in implementation, development, and technology, as well as to exchange insights with other learners in SAP Learning Rooms, and take advantage of both scheduled and unscheduled training sessions. Self-paced learners will gain access to valuable resources such as e-books, e-learning courses, assessments and quick reference guides. The SAP Live Access environment provides access to hands-on experience and practice sessions, which are critical to achieving high levels of expert performance.

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