SAP Master Data Governance Simplifies Retail and Fashion

SAP Master Data Governance in fashion and retail

SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) is a natural extension of the business processes running in SAP Business Suite, providing domain-specific master data governance to centrally create, change, and distribute master data.

SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia available on SAP S/4HANA® 1809 was released last week to support retailers’ impending need for a simplified and unified data management.

Enterprise Master Data Governance Software, aka SAP MDG, is a state-of-the-art master data management application for organizations that need quality partner data and governance control. More importantly, it simplifies the integration of data from both SAP and third-party sources while performing data cleaning, standardization, duplication detection, and best-record calculation.

In 2016, the SAP Master Data Governance application included enhanced mobile functionality with the then-new SAP Fiori apps. Now, SAP MDG taps retail and fashion.  New functionality in SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia available on SAP S/4HANA includes:

•    Retail Mass Processing (RMP) of multiple articles in one change request

•    Easy Excel upload to create and enrich existing change requests with the ability to separate out articles into a separate workstream

•   Faster data enrichment via Excel upload and onscreen mass maintenance features

•    New version 9.2 is compatible with latest S/4HANA 1809 and previous releases

The SAP MDG solution by Utopia solves the retailers’ dilemma on their master data records duplication, inaccuracies or being out of date due to inefficient and manual processes of data management. Retail article data management is tedious and complex, especially with the amount of data and multi-channel constantly increasing.

Through SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia, go-to-market strategies of retailers are executed faster, bringing their new products and services front and center. It also deploys an omnichannel experience while reducing IT master data management costs.

The latest release of MDG offers tools that aid in the creation, enrichment, and standardization of retail master data in one simplified environment. In one environment, users can establish and enforce standardization as master data for finance, materials management, supplier and customer relations after providing a predefined data model in a central repository. The predefined model for article master data objects covers key attributes such as merchandising categories, article hierarchies, bills of materials, basic and purchasing views, while role and function-based field settings allow for optional process support.

Martin Printz, Global Director of Retail Solutions at Utopia Global said:

“Every retailer faces the challenge of streamlining retail processes and lowering costs. For the first time, SAP customers have an easy and integrated way to address this issue by leveraging functionality within their SAP MDG system and expanding on it through a platform built to significantly improve productivity through end-to-end data creation, management, and governance.”

Utopia Global is an SAP worldwide software partner and the exclusive developer of solution extensions for SAP Master Data Governance focused on enterprise asset management, retail, and fashion. Now, SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia for SAP S/4HANA adds to the roster of Utopia’s growing portfolio of SAP software for the retail industry. It reinforces the company’s commitment to helping retailers address their biggest master data challenges, a true testimony to the company’s belief that “Perfect Data is Perfectly Possible.”

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