SAP net income up 11{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} in Q3

By Nathan Dukes

SAP yesterday announced preliminary net income in the third quarter rose by 12{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} year on year, even after a 31{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} slump in software revenue.

The net income gains can be attributed to strong reductions in operating expenses of more than 11{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09}. Total revenue for the quarter was down 9{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09}.

Operating margins improved by 2{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} on 2008 to 24.2{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09}- a pleasing result for SAP CFO Werner Brandt.

“This demonstrates our continued success in maintaining tight cost controls,” he said.

“While we are seeing signs of stabilization in the general environment, the market remains difficult. Third quarter software and software-related service revenues came in lower than we expected mainly because of a particularly challenging environment in the emerging markets and Japan.”

Operating income also decreased by 1{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} on 2008 figures, 7{db8ca4bbfe57dc8f9b6df9233a3a6c04f4968125edf9bb330d4f787c3a87cd09} at constant currencies. SAP said the operating income was affected by non-recurring items, particularly litigation expenses and profit resulting from reversals of provisions recorded in the accounting for the acquisition of Business Objects.

SAP CEO Leo Apotheker said despite the continued tough spending environment, the company is pleased to see further progress in the evolution of their volume business as a result of smaller deals.

“In addition, we are driving more multi-year agreements, where customers buy and consume software over many periods, which we believe is a positive transition for both SAP and our customers,” he said.

“We have the benefit of many years of experience in facilitating the purchase of our software in this manner, including the success we had in signing multi-year, Global Enterprise Agreements with our largest customers.”

“We have now started to leverage this approach with a bigger group of customers. And, most importantly, our solutions are built on a highly flexible and modular architecture allowing us to easily adopt this model,” Apotheker said.

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