SAP opens Cloud Foundry Dojo in Walldorf

Cloud Foundry Dojo

Photo: SAP.

Increasing its commitment to the Cloud Foundry Foundation, SAP has opened the first Cloud Foundry Dojo in Walldorf, to further its work as the lead of the BOSH OpenStack CPI project.

The move was announced at this week’s Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, held in Frankfurt.

“As a platinum member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we are excited about the opening of our new Dojo lab at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf, which marks another important milestone in our ongoing work with the community,” said Björn Goerke, executive vice president and corporate officer, SAP product and innovation technology, SAP SE.

“The Dojo lab is the first to open in Germany and will help provide an innovative development center for the Cloud Foundry community in Europe. Additionally, the certification of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform shows our ongoing commitment to delivering an open public cloud platform for customers and partners to run their business in the cloud.”

SAP has 10 developers who have gone through the Cloud Foundry Dojo program in other teams.

In a blog post, SAP developer Marco Voelz said the new Dojo enables interested developers to work alongside the full-time open-source developers from SAP and SUSE Linux as a fast-track to committer status – allowing them to make direct modifications to the project’s code. He said developers who participate in the Dojo program specifically learn the unique method of working on the project.

“The expected working model is different from how I’ve worked before – inside and outside of SAP. We pair program. Every day. From beginning of a work day until the end. Home office or a different location is no reason to not work in a pair: the colleagues from SUSE are located in Nuremberg, so we use screen sharing to work with them. We work test-driven. We have one-week iterations,” said Voelz. “Talking to the developers in the team, there is one sentence you keep hearing over and over: ‘I wouldn’t want to work differently anymore’.”

The Cloud Foundry Foundation, which now has 60 members worldwide.  is an independent non-profit organization formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry-standard multi-cloud platform. To learn more, visit

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