SAP PartnerEdge Levels up the Customer Learning Experience with OpenSesame

Customer Learning With OpenSesame and SAP SuccessFactors

In 2018, the global training market spent $366.2B with annual growth of 1.2%. That’s about how much investment is put on corporate learning.

Barely a month ago, SAP launched the new integrated option for the Build engagement model in the SAP PartnerEdge program, expanding the customers’ choices in optimizing their end-to-end business processes.

Fast-forward to June 12, SAP PartnerEdge offers another systems integration development, this time to expand the learning capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors customers, by partnering with OpenSesame.

According to Tom Turnbull, Vice President, Partnerships of OpenSesame, OpenSesame e-learning courses allows the SAP SuccessFactors customers to quickly launch their training program while leveraging on its existing Open Content Network.

“Expanding our partnership with SAP by joining the PartnerEdge program will strengthen our ability to expand the learning ecosystem for our mutual SuccessFactors LMS customers,” said Turnbull.

OpenSesame, being in the Open Content Network of SuccessFactors, has already seamlessly integrated its e-learning courses in the SAP SuccessFactors LMS. For the clientele, this is a move to accelerate innovation intrinsically while developing and transforming the workforce worthy of recognition in any industry.

Recently, with the accessibility to cloud software for professional development and learning, building a competitive workforce is a necessity. The need to fill skills and close leadership gaps in an organization is looming and in the digital world, time is always fleeting.

Compelling truths about the need to enhance the learning ecosystem

• The Corporate L&D market is over $140B in size. This figure shows how companies recognize training and development critical to an organization’s success. Companies invest in enablement tools to identify a clear-cut succession plan for their organization to remain competitive in the digital universe.

Digital learning is moving steadily fast. The traditional L&D, which used to focus on compliance and training management, have advanced to e-learning, blended, learning and talent-driven learning that are more customer-centric.

L&D Capabilities are evolving. The digital revolution has changed the work and the workforce of today. Leaders are expected to be not only strategic thinkers but enablers as well. The demand for intelligent and adaptive learning platforms is needed now more than ever to equip the leaders of today.

With the merging of SAP PartnerEdge’s intelligent solutions, SAP digital platform and intelligent technologies to Open Sesame’s comprehensive e-learning courses that are designed for optimal utilization; the SAP SuccessFactors customers will definitely be getting more than they bargained for.

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