SAP People Connect 365 connects teams in emergencies

SAP People Connect 365

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SAP’s cloud-based People Connect 365 mobile service has gone live in Australia, APJ and North America, enabling businesses to locate, contact and communicate with employees during emergencies, disasters, and business disruptions.

SAP People Connect 365 uses predefined business rules and customisable keywords, dynamic risk monitoring, and automated processes and response tracking to help organisations control, manage and measure their responsiveness during planned and unplanned business disruptions and events. The service is designed to improve reaction times and to maximise operational efficiency during such events.

“Many organisations still rely on manual efforts when responding to planned or unplanned business disruptions. This often involves working across various departments and fragmented systems, which involves people data, syndicated risk news feeds, multichannel communications and other IT systems,” said Rohit Tripathi, general manager and head of products, the SAP Digital Interconnect group, SAP.

“In the digital economy, organisations that can break down these departmental silos by using an integrated cloud solution will create a more scalable, resilient business,” said Tripathi.

With SAP People Connect 365, HR and security personnel can quickly assess the risks and impacts to their workforce and assets and proactively manage responses to the events. Available across all connected mobile devices, the service enables automatic HR data import, group creation and management, mobile number validation, continuous risk monitoring and event status updates, and response tracking.

In case of a campus incident, facilities teams could use SAP People Connect 365 to enhance communication with their workforce, quickly identifying people and systems that have been impacted.

In the airline industry, in-flight personnel could use the service to better monitor communication with ground staff during weather events or other disruptions that require changes to flight plans.

In the event of emergencies or disaster situations, local governments could use SAP People Connect 365 to provide real-time status updates, saving lives and reducing property damage.

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