SAP Predictive Analytics application edition facilitates intelligent enterprises

SAP Predictive Analytics

Mike Flannagan, SAP

SAP has announced general availability of the application edition of SAP Predictive Analytics software, co-developed with Accenture, to help enterprise clients to harness machine learning to create and manage predictive models that deliver powerful data-driven insights to every business user across the enterprise in real-time.

Users can employ data in SAP S/4HANA to build predictive models for a range of business applications, including supply chain, finance and accounting, human capital management, and customer management.

“Partnering with Accenture, we are arming enterprises with the tools, such as the application edition of SAP Predictive Analytics, needed to become intelligent enterprises,” said Mike Flannagan, senior vice president, SAP Leonardo and Analytics.

Users can add, modify, and extend predictive and machine models to solve new problems as they surface in conjunction with changing business conditions.

The application edition of SAP Predictive Analytics is part of the broader SAP Leonardo offerings. “In addition to our investment in accelerating the development of the application edition of SAP Predictive Analytics, we are making our enterprise- and industry-specific solutions available to clients to help them unlock new business value,” said Glenn Gutwillig, managing director and Enterprise Analytics lead, Accenture.

“Using resources from Accenture Applied Intelligence and the Accenture Liquid Studio for SAP Leonardo, our SAP teams work directly with clients to quickly turn ideas into innovative solutions and have already developed more than 80 SAP Leonardo–based intelligent applications,” said Gutwillig, adding that these are just examples of how Accenture makes its enterprise solutions available to unlock new business value for its clients.

“With the rapid pace of advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, SAP will continue to deliver innovation that brings powerful new capabilities to our customers,” said Flannagan.

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