SAP projects have only a 50/50 chance of success: Resulting IT study

SAP projects

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The SAP ecosystem of consultancies, contractors, and vendors has little more than a 50 per cent chance of success on any given SAP implementation project, according to a recent study conducted by Resulting IT, which also provided some key recommendations to improve the success rates of organisations undertaking such an important investment.

‘SAP Success Report 2018: Uncovering the factors that drive success for SAP customers’, conducted by Resulting IT and former Gartner research director, Dr Derek Prior, surveyed executives, business managers, solution architects, procurement specialists, HR and resourcing professionals, and programme managers in an effort to fully understand what it takes to achieve SAP success and to uncover – and address – some common frustrations.

Some results were unexpectedly low. For example, just 36 per cent of respondents believed that their SAP project kept to the original delivery plan and fewer than 30 per cent felt that it had been delivered on the agreed budget.

At the same time, 50 per cent of responders said they were not on plan, while 51.8 per cent said they were not on budget and only 48 per cent felt that their SAP programme achieved its business objectives.

The survey also revealed some surprising disconnects. For example, while 50 per cent of overall respondents felt that their SAP project was not connected to their business strategy, 64 per cent of executives felt that it was.

By way of contrast, there was also some worrying agreement, for example on the topic of the mix of third party vendors and internal resources. A full 57 cent of all respondents felt that their organisation had not procured the right balance of third party vendors and internal resources to support business adoption – including 68 per cent of procurement respondents themselves.

The study ranked top success levers based on impact to plan, budget and value and provided a list of seven actions an organisation can take to “massively” increase its chances of success with SAP:

  1. High degree of focus on adoption of SAP solution
  2. Acceptance of solution standardisation based on SAP best practices
  3. Confident sponsorship by executive team
  4. Connection of the SAP programme to the overall business plan
  5. Savvy, experienced vendor management
  6. Embedded business case
  7. Strong, experienced project management

Click here to download the survey and find out more.

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