SAP ramps up recruitment of young developers


SAP plans to hire 1200 graduate developers globally in 2015, establishing an early talent program to onboard them efficiently and nurture development talent.

The Products & Innovation group at SAP focuses its hires on young developers from Germany, India, China, North America and Bulgaria.

The early talent program, called ‘develop && impact’, will support new developers during their first year at SAP through tailored training, networking and mentoring opportunities.

“At SAP, developers work in a very agile environment in so-called sprint teams of 10,” said Stefan Ries, chief human resources officer, SAP SE. “They shape new ideas together, create, discuss, discard some, drive others in a common effort – all within one week. We consider them winners with a high aim for creativity, flexibility and team spirit.”

SAP scouts early talent through SAP InnoJams, such as the InnoJam this week in Berlin, and the SAP University Alliances Program.

SAP conducts development in all of its more than 100 locations around the world.

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