SAP real-time chat service hitting the mark

SAP’s new live chat service, which connects customers instantly with technical support experts, has received solid satisfaction ratings since its June 30 launch.

The live chat service, called Expert Chat, eliminates the wait times inherent in traditional ticket-based support, and is available for all support levels and almost all SAP solutions.

Since it was launched, 83 per cent of customers have rated their satisfaction with the service at 8 to 10 out of 10. Sixty-four per cent of incidents were resolved during the chat, and the average chat time was 21 minutes.

“When our customers are taking their business digital, their business processes are becoming real time. This means that the support services they turn to when needed must be real-time as well,” said Andreas Heckmann, global senior vice president, product support, SAP.

“We established Expert Chat to address that need. As a service providing a live support channel, Expert Chat offers direct access to the best expert for any SAP software-related problem or question at hand.”

Customers access Expert Chat through the SAP Chat through the SAP One Support Launchpad.

“Real-time, digital business processes require 24×7 uptime, and that means the time to resolve problems has to match the cadence of the business,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting.

“Bringing online chat to SAP’s support services adds an important new channel for maintaining the system and business process uptime that SAP’s customers, and the customers’ customers, have come to expect.”