SAP release new version of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

By Nathan Dukes

SAP will this month release an accelerated version of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

The new version introduces the ability to accelerate any data source beyond SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

Based on the packaging of SAP BusinessObjects Accelerator software, any company, whether or not it is running SAP applications, will be able to use SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to visualise and act upon its business data.

The new capabilities were announced last week at the SAP TechEd event in Vienna, Austria.

SAP said the new functionality will help sales and marketing units gain a better understanding of key campaigns, product profitability and forecasting information, particularly third-party data from other sources.

The capabilities will also assist companies to achieve one view of the truth by conglomerating data into one tool.

SAP said companies like Consol, Fraft Foods and OraSure Technologies are using BusinessObjects Explorer to solve problems using a clear view of their business data.

Rajeev Mitroo, General Manager, Business User & Platform, SAP Australia and New Zealand, is optimistic about the potential opportunities the product will afford.

“With SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, you get answers in seconds, even if you don’t know what question to ask,” he said.

“That implies you start asking questions out of curiosity, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. New trends, new ideas, new opportunities begin to emerge immediately.”

“The significance of this solution is that it is not only a breakthrough in data-exploration technology, it is also the catalyst for a cultural shift in the enterprise, empowering every worker to make informed decisions, which cumulatively and dramatically strengthens the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole.”

SAP also announced plans to collaborate with Cisco, to extend SAP BusinessObjects Explorer into new hardware platforms.

Cisco Unified Computing System combines industry-leading Intel processors, 10 Gigabit Ethernet unified fabrics and expanded memory capabilities to offer stronger scalability for SAP applications.

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