SAP releases Precision Retailing solution

By Eleanor Reader

SAP AG has announced the availability of the SAP Precision Retailing solution, which allows companies to deliver personal and relevant offers to customers based on their preferences.

The cloud-based solution enables retail and consumer product companies to influence the customers’ decision at the point of purchase through multiple channels, including mobile devices, in-store kiosks and websites.

“SAP Precision Retailing is launching at a time when companies are struggling to create direct relationships with consumers while still having to deal with the pressure of increasing marketing efficiency and promotions spending,” said Herve Pluche, vice president, retail consumer mobile initiative, SAP Labs.

“With this solution, companies can maximise the return on their marketing investment. At the same time, they can create an enhanced shopping experience by collecting and acting on massive amounts of data about consumer behaviour in real time and delivering relevant offers while the customer is standing right in the aisle.”

Merijn Helle, principal for retail, SAP Australia and New Zealand, said that to give the customer a unique shopping experience, companies need to provide value by utilising the consumer’s information.

“Provide value through promotions and offers ideally specific to that consumer so that you understand that behaviour; it’s all about learning from the personal history of that shopper,” Helle said.

“It could be the family is allergy sensitive, so they need to have information at their fingertips around allergens.”

According to Helle, mobile applications are the ‘sweet spot’ for this solution, allowing companies to interact with customers in real time.

“If you’re maintaining your shopping list for your local supermarket, then you can flick through that, add some items, choose some items from a catalogue, add them in and as soon as you get to the store you’re sent a bucket-load of extra promotions that are local and that appear in your inbox in real time,” Helle said.

“As you’re shopping you can see promotions coming in, you can see recommendations coming through.”

SAP Precision Retailing is built on the SAP NetWeaver Cloud platform and is available in Australia now.

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