SAP revamps certification program for cloud solutions

By Freya Purnell

SAP has revealed a new approach to certification for its cloud solutions, which will feature regular delta exams for certified consultants, enablement content delivered via learning rooms in SAP Learning Hub, remote proctoring and a subscription pricing model.

According to Sue Martin, global senior director of certification, SAP, the need to take a different approach to certification became apparent as the SuccessFactors certification program began to be integrated into SAP’s existing program.

“We noticed with the SuccessFactors program that the way we do things in the old ERP world, and the idea that you can get certified and then go and do customer projects for three or four years and still be pretty well up to date, just doesn’t work when we get to the cloud,” Martin says.

“The technology is changing so quickly, and it’s so much more important to our customers and partners that they have people doing projects who are up to date and have current knowledge around the latest release.”  

Under the new model, consultants will be required to undertake regular delta exams tied to product releases that introduce significant change to the solution. System provisioning will be dependent on having current certification, which means consultants will need to complete enablement content and exams quickly and frequently. This has led SAP to offer training material via learning rooms in SAP Learning Hub, and to introduce remote proctoring to enable candidates to sit exams from their home or office, under certain conditions.

The changes build on announcements earlier in the year about the introduction of Associate and Professional level certification for SuccessFactors, and new exam options.

While SuccessFactors will be the first cab off the rank, with the new certification approach to be rolled out in Q1 2015, the model will also be used for certification for hybris and Ariba.

We outline all the changes to SuccessFactors certification, and how it will affect consultants who are already certified or seeking to be, in an article in the Inside SAP Yearbook 2015 – subscribe now to our print or app edition to read the full story.  

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