SAP SuccessFactors can play a role in 2019 talent strategy

The year-end planning cycle is a great time to take stock of your organisation’s talent tools as the challenge for true business success is to understand what is required to identify and address future talent needs.

Access to real-time data is the key to business transformation

There is no time like the present to put talent strategy in the forefront of your business transformation planning. In order to make actionable plans, you need sufficient data. HR data that informs CEO decisions includes basic statistics of the current workforce including number of employees, top talent, employees at risk of leaving and succession plans. But more important is the HR data that enables leaders to gain important insights for business planning — data on the skills gaps of the future, people with those skills today, and what is needed to attract or train those skills.

Brigette McInnis-Day, chief operating officer, SAP SuccessFactors makes a case for SAP SuccessFactors as the technology difference that delivers the HR data critical to CEOs planning for 2019. “The unified suite of solutions simplifies and seamlessly integrates all talent management processes, enabling CEOs to build their next generation of talent and make future business plans come to life,” said McInnis-Day. “Processes like succession planning, performance management, and recruiting are automated, more continuous, and intelligent transforming the workforce experience across the entire talent lifecycle,” she said.

SAP SuccessFactors uncovers internal talent

In an effort to eliminate gaps in filling roles internally at SAP, the company builds searchable talent pools in addition to their succession planning and uses the insights gained to make real-time decisions to hire externally or to develop internal talent.  McInnis-Day reports a “profound impact” on financials as well as employee motivation and commitment.

SAP SuccessFactors enables an organisation to proactively identify internal talent to develop for specific roles, based on required skillsets, while streamlining the talent acquisition process when recruiting. The Business Beyond Bias functionality enables organisations to develop inclusive and diverse workforces by identifying unintended biases that can show up throughout the process from hiring and developing to rewarding and promoting.

Organisations can use SAP SuccessFactors to source and nurture talent pools to significantly reduce the time it takes to fill roles internally and externally, minimising expensive downtime.

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