SAP SuccessFactors CPM helps Nestle sweeten employee performance

SuccessFactors CPM

Nestlé headquarters, Switzerland. Photo: Nestlé

Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, has implemented the SAP SuccessFactors continuous performance management (CPM) on mobile devices to improve ongoing employee engagement, coaching and performance improvement.

CPM’s easy-to-use performance and development tools assist Nestlé in its quest to engage and retain top employees by enabling continuous dialogue and feedback between employees and managers throughout a massive workforce across more than 190 countries.

Shifting to a continuous performance management model enables Nestlé to move away from an annual performance assessment looking backwards over the past year to a more productive ongoing series of engagements focused on continuous employee development to drive continuous performance improvement. CPM also enables the company to align performance management with other important HR and business processes.

Nestlé has embarked on a comprehensive program to provide its employees with access to a flexible, cloud-first, mobile-enabled HR platform. CPM, along with previously implemented SAP SuccessFactors solutions for performance and goals, compensation and succession, is expected to help Nestlé to engage, motivate and retain its highly skilled global workforce. The company is now planning to roll out SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors solutions for workforce analytics and workforce planning across all regions at the end of 2019.

“Nestlé is truly one of the most recognisable and innovative companies in the world,” said Robert Enslin, member of the executive board and president of cloud business group, SAP.

“It recognises that investing in a differentiated and digitalised experience for employees today is a strong investment in the future of both its talent and the company. We’re excited to continue innovating and partnering with Nestlé to provide an employee experience that truly powers its journey to become the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness brand,” he said.

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