SAP tackles chronic disease management


With healthcare costs skyrocketing around the world, and the growth of chronic conditions only increasing the financial burden on governments and individuals, SAP has launched a new solution to tackle this issue.

SAP Health Engagement, which has been built on the HANA Cloud Platform, will allow health providers, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies to build custom applications to help patients track their health through goal-setting and personalised assessments for chronic diseases and conditions.

By linking patients to healthcare professionals through real-time data and high-speed analytics, the technology will also physicians and health program managers to implement early interventions to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

The solution grew out of a partnership between SAP and Roche Diabetes Care Germany, which saw the creation of the SAP Heath Link solution, for the prevention of diabetes. SAP Health Link facilitated connections through digital services between healthcare professionals and patents at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, to encourage lifestyle changes.

SAP drew on the insights from this partnership as well as feedback from other customers to structure SAP Health Engagement as a flexible development toolkit that can be used to create applications tailored to any chronic disease or conditions. These applications could also be used to engage patients in clinical trials, and provide personalised home care.

“In principle, this platform has the potential to improve and individualise the cooperation between physicians and patients for any kind of chronic disease,” said Dirk Uebelhor, head of Roche Diabetes Care Germany.

Customers can be onboarded for the solution by scanning a unique QR code, which then allows data to be pulled from the back-end database into their mobile device. SAP Health Engagement can also patient-generated and wearable sensor data in the mobile application.

Program managers can create customised wellness programs, delivered through a mobile healthcare consumer application, and patient data can be collected and stored securely in order to be utilised for research. The solution gives patients full control of their personal health data and access privileges for this information.

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