SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches Gets a New Feature

SAP Tennis Analytics for coaches

The SAP Tennis Analytics for coaches was introduced in 2015. Four years later, on October 16, SAP and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) announces the addition of a new feature to the SAP Tennis Analytics software.

The new feature added is called “patterns of play” which gives WTA coaches and players more insight on the performance by identifying and analysing patterns used in match rallies.

This addition to the SAP Tennis Analytics for coaches addresses the need for data-based insights on how a rally unfolds while analysing the reaction of the player and the opponent to match situations.

The feature enables coaches to give personalised insights by digging deeper into the data obtained. It can apply customisations and filters, span opponents, identify the opponent’s rank, playing surface and playing hand.

The patterns of play feature include the following:

  • Rally analysis – a customised view of the court which splits it into segments for enhanced analysis
  • Ball toss analysis – provides insights into the server’s ball toss, potential positioning of the ball on impact and its effect on the outcome
  • Bounce-to-hit point analysis – shows historical data through a sequence of data points which examines where a ball is returned after service as well as its success rate

Wim Fisette, a veteran WTA coach and SAP ambassador, shared his thoughts on the new feature:

“I’m very excited for the rollout of patterns of play, the latest example of how SAP and the WTA are revolutionising the game of tennis through advanced stats and analytics. Having access to analytics on player patterns during matches, across a variety of different conditions and opponents, is game-changing in helping me — and other WTA coaches — prepare players before their next match.”

Fans who will be present at the Shiseido WTA Finals in Shenzhen, China can experience the new feature through SAP’s on-site activation.

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