SAP well-placed on sustainability management: Ovum

By Elizabeth Kelleher

SAP is on track to claim a substantial share of the sustainability market, according to a new report by Ovum entitled ‘Carbon accounting: a key step toward broad sustainability management’.

Warren Wilson, Ovum senior analyst for IT and sustainability and author of the report, said the shift to sustainable business practices will create a “multi-billion-pound market”, which SAP is well placed to take advantage of.

“We believe SAP is on track to claim a substantial share of what will be a huge market,” said Wilson. “This is true for two key reasons: sustainability management is a natural extension of ERP – SAP’s home turf – and its value proposition is simple: sustainable practices are good business.”

According to Wilson, there is a wealth of opportunity for IT firms in sustainability, but those that think beyond traditional ‘green IT’ will be the most successful.

“Those that are making the most of the shift to sustainable practices are those that take an innovative approach, often thinking outside of the standard services they offer,” he said.

“They see that the opportunity extends well beyond traditional ‘green IT,’ or energy-efficient computing, and encompasses all the ways in which IT can enable greener practices across the business – in industrial processes, building operations, fleet management, and more.”

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