SAP Workplace Values Employee Well-Being

SAP workplace

SAP has built a reputation as one of the most successful companies in Germany since its establishment in 1972. While SAP has been busy with strengthening relationships with its partners, the company never failed to pay attention to its workforce. It is no doubt that one of the contributors to its success is the company’s commitment to employee’s well-being.

The multi-national enterprise software company has established its company in various locations across 180 countries worldwide. At present, they have been servicing more than four hundred thousand customers. Apart from its stable business, the company also takes pride in its efforts for the benefit of its employees.

Evidence reveals that a good investment for the employees’ well-being is expected to deliver positive returns. And if companies put well-being as the core business strategy, without reduced healthcare costs as the only reason, there’s a high probability for measurable return-on-investment (ROI) through better productivity, higher engagement, and lower turnover.

SAP workplace values employees’ health and quality of life as its core business enabler. Compared to other companies that direct employee issues to its HR departments, the upper management look at well-being as a strategic priority. The people with authority plan, measure, and improve conditions because it has proven to contribute to SAP’s bottom line profits.

SAP employees love working for the company partly because of its employee-focused programs, management group, and supportive workplace culture. SAP received an award from Glassdoor as the 2019 Best Places to Work and was named “Number One Best Place to Work” in Germany. In 2018 alone, the company has received more than 175 employee awards around the world.

Dr. Natalie Lotzmann, SAP’s Global Head of Health & Well-Being Management, said:

“We don’t pretend that employee well-being is solely about making employees happier and healthier. It helps SAP become a more successful company. We ensure this by linking our workplace culture and investments in employee well-being to SAP’s business success and profit.”

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