SAPPHIRE NOW: Delphix and AWS launch FAST+ cloud migration for SAP apps

SAP migrations

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Delphix and AWS have partnered to introduce FAST+, a solution developed to make it faster, easier, and safer for organisations to migrate their SAP applications from on-premise to the public cloud.

Now available on the AWS Solution Space, the solution is the latest move in the partnership between Delphix and AWS, leveraging the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform and complementing AWS’ existing FAST solution.

While migrating SAP to AWS provides significant advantages such as improved agility and scalability, decreased costs, and faster innovations and responses to market changes, traditional migration often brings numerous challenges. These can include extensive testing and go-live rehearsals, security risks to sensitive data, lengthy delays to allow for physical shipment of data to AWS, and repeats of the entire process if the data needs to be refreshed.

FAST+ ensures organisations have non-disruptive sync, fast data refresh, broad database support, integrated masking, flexibility, maximum speed, and self-service.

Delphix gathers data from many SAP applications including ERP Central Component (ECC) and Business Warehouse (BW) without interrupting production, and replicates it to AWS using bandwidth-efficient technology. Teams can then quickly refresh data in the cloud environment.

FAST+, which supports SAP HANA as well as any other database underlying SAP, identifies and masks all sensitive data in SAP tables using Delphix’s sophisticated masking capabilities. Cloud environments enable organisations to comply with privacy regulations and data is protected from breach.

Once the data is in AWS, Delphix can provide flexible testing environments, while migration teams have self-service control to refresh, rewind, and share data, enabling accelerated testing iterations and go-live rehearsals.

Delphix reports that several customers that used Delphix for cloud migrations have decreased their migration timeline by more than half.

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