SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined: ANZ Market’s Playbook


“SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined will be more accessible to all customers, partners, and stakeholders in the SAP ecosystem, and we look forward to providing everyone with an amazing end-to-end experience like never before,” said Alicia Tillman, Global Chief Marketing Officer at SAP.

As businesses change and shift their strategies to thrive in the new normal, SAP continues to be an innovator and a motivator pushing the boundaries of tradition in delivering the most up-to-date technology, science, and insights to the SAP community. This June, SAP’s premier conference for customers SAPPHIRE NOW is going virtual.

Premiering on June 16, customers, partners, and stakeholders in the SAP ecosystem in ANZ will be able to access the SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined virtual event at zero cost. The program includes access to three core initiatives; Unplugged, Vision, and Converge. Featuring a digital program of executive keynotes, customer stories, demos, and round tables among others, the new 3-Part digital experience is designed to serve as a ‘Playbook’ for information important to every business’s interests in these unprecedented times.

Earlier in May, SAP announced the shift to a new digital program SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined from the yearly tradition of holding the SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando, Florida. The virtual conference aims to bring meaningful insights, guidance, vision, and direction to the SAP community in this dynamic situation. 


Officially launched in April 2020, SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged is a leadership series that weekly features videos of conversations with business executives, thought leaders, best-selling authors, well-known athletes, and innovators sharing insights on the future of business in today’s changing world. Powered by Qualtrics, the short videos bring viewers in the (virtual) room with SAP hosts and the luminaries sharing insights on today’s pressing concerns such as workplace collaboration, engaging teams, and achieving one’s personal best despite the pandemic.

Malcolm Gladwell, Karlie Kloss, Al Guido, and Adam Grant are some of the luminaries to guest in this series.

NAB Talks About Upskilling and Reskilling

SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged hosted by Jill Popelka, President of SAP SuccessFactors, featured Susan Ferrier, Group Executive, People and Culture at National Australia Bank (NAB) to talk about the bank’s early days of crisis planning and how it has evolved to what it is today.

In the 16-minute video, Ferrier emphasised the opportunity to upskill and reskill talent and the critical role of SAP SuccessFactors in the undertaking. To develop a more flexible workforce, she shared that staff was asked to review skills recorded against their staff profile held in SAP SuccessFactors.

“We really pushed the skills inventory that sits in SuccessFactors and said, ‘Here’s an opportunity to brush up your internal CV,” Ferrier said.

“We asked everybody to also go in and review what they had in that tab in SuccessFactors and to update their skills,” she detailed.

“We’ve really been pushing things like skills and mental health [during lockdown], and [that] now’s the time for you to double down and think about the future, particularly on things like digital and data skills,” Ferrier stressed.

Ferrier highlighted that NAB had digitised most of its training programs enabling them to work remotely. Face-to-face training was replaced by digital platforms like Zoom and Teams.

Popelka and Ferrier also discussed what they believe the future of work will look like at NAB and how they are beginning to rethink business models in a post-pandemic world.


On June 16, SAPPHIRE NOW Vision will showcase Christian Klein, CEO of SAP to share his view on SAP innovation, partnerships, and customer success stories relevant to the current marketplace. Following Klein is SAP ANZ President & MD, Damien Bueno, and distinguished guests to talk about how they leverage SAP solutions in addressing challenges and discovering opportunities to generate real business results in these challenging times.


Also commencing on June 16, SAPPHIRE NOW Converge will be launched as a digital network with multiple channels featuring scheduled and on-demand content. SAP experts will share their insights and customer stories; engage in discussions on industry issues; and reveal their latest innovations and road maps. 

Adidas, NAB, Sigma Healthcare, and World Wildlife Federation are some of the leading brands that will be featured in this initiative.

SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined brings what used to be a three-day convention at the comfort of your home, at your most convenient time. 

For the Australia & New Zealand personalised program, register here.

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