SAPPHIRE NOW: Revelation relaunches Rev-Trac and Salt


Rick Porter, Revelation Software Concepts

Melbourne-based Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) has rebranded its SAP change control automation platform, Rev-Trac as Rev-Trac Platinum, and its change intelligence software, Salt as Rev-Trac Insights, as part of the company’s overall rebranding strategy to focus on developing innovative software to speed business transformation.

The relaunch was showcased at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando last week.

Rev-Trac Platinum automates and enforces SAP change control processes and tasks to deliver faster, safer, and better applications to help organisations keep up with the pace of change. The change control platform makes it easier for organisations to adopt agile methodologies and SAP DevOps, increasing both productivity and transparency throughout the SAP application lifecycle.

Rev-Trac Insights, which is integrated into Rev-Trac Platinum or available as a standalone product, provides organisations with real-time visibility into the custom code changes across all of their connected SAP systems. By uncovering potential problems before they occur, the software enables SAP IT teams to make fact-based decisions and avoid potentially expensive, unscheduled downtime. Integrated into Rev-Trac Platinum, the software is designed to accelerate the continuous delivery of SAP change and drive the innovation of new applications and services.

“Many SAP IT teams are struggling to identify relevant automation software that can make a real difference to their organisation’s transformation journey,” said Rick Porter, vice president, business development, Rev-Trac.

“Rev-Trac Platinum and Rev-Trac Insights provide the automation, enforcement, visibility and safety accelerated SAP development needs to ensure quality remains high and systems outages are avoided. Rev-Trac is one of those software products that can make a real difference, and very quickly,” he said.

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