SAPPHIRE NOW: WorkSpan delivers strategic alliances on SAP App Centre


Amit Sinha, WorkSpan

Through the SAP App Centre, SAP customers can now take advantage of exponential growth through strategic alliances by purchasing WorkSpan, the only Alliance Relationship Management solution for joint sales, marketing and solution initiatives at scale.

The solution was announced at the SAP Partner Summit, held in tandem with the SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando last week.

In addition, WorkSpan announced integration with the SAP Cloud for Customer suite to provide organisations with visibility into key attributes of joint opportunities with their partners, including customer name, opportunity description, solution, expected dollar value, expected close date and deal stage.

The integrations enable organisations to see a full portfolio of opportunities, manage joint selling motions, speed up alliance deal closings, and increase win rates with their partners.

“SAP launched the SAP App Centre to allow customers to easily discover, try and buy innovative solutions like WorkSpan – a solution that integrates with SAP Cloud for Customer Suite and helps the customer drive more revenue by better operationalising their alliances,” said Uddhav Gupta, global vice president and general manager, SAP Digital, SAP.

WorkSpan has also signed on new Fortune 500 customers, who are joining a growing number of companies to engage more fully with their partners, sharing sales plans, driving sales opportunities, running programs, and finding funds to invigorate current programs.

“WorkSpan is incredibly excited to join the SAP App Centre to make our alliance relationship management solution even more accessible across SAP’s many partners,” said Amit Sinha, co-founder and chief customer officer, WorkSpan. “As our network gains even more traction with customers like SAP, we’re looking forward to forging closer ties with the company to strengthen the partner community,” he said.

Joining the WorkSpan network provides organisations with access to industry-leading technology companies in the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, public cloud, and high-performance computing space, driving more than $3.1 billion of influenced pipeline a year.

Organisations can also track joint sales, manage pipeline, run forecasts, and benefit from an array of tools including a shared content library, cross-company workflows, joint calendar, and funds to increase participation and drive accountability. Organisations are able to integrate with each partner’s CRM and marketing systems for a real-time system of record across partner companies, all in one central location.

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