SAP’s ‘No Code’ Business Process Management System

SAP's 'No Code' Business Process Management System

SAP announces the beta launch of the new product functionalities of its innovative and lightweight software solution, SAP Ruum, that allows customers to build a business process management system without requiring any coding experience or going through complex and lengthy IT projects.

Until the public release later this year in Fall 2020 at SAP’s virtual conference, TechEd, access to the new feature set will be free for SAP’s beta customers, who will participate in feedback sessions and surveys in SAP’s Beta Program running from 3 August to 25 September 2020. 

The new beta features of SAP Ruum were designed to tackle the problem of automating departmental—so-called ‘long-tail’ processes—that most IT teams face. According to Marcin Jedrzejczak, Product Manager for SAP Ruum, their team realized that many SAP customer’s business process management systems continue to remain non-automated and non-integrated which results in a lack of transparency and poses a serious risk to data consistency and IT security.

SAP’s Chief Innovation Officer, Max Wessel also said,

“Those fuzzy processes living in shadow IT are a major challenge for almost all CIOs as they put data harmony and IT security at risk.”

To help solve this, the team at SAP worked with some of its co-innovation customers, including Berlin-based Delivery Hero, to develop a new set of functionalities in SAP Ruum that will enable customers to tap into the full potential of process automation. These new functionalities aim to equip non-code users with a straight-forward and intuitive solution to help them quickly build processes themselves in a secure environment entirely governed and managed by IT. 

A New Era of IT for Business Process Management Automation

SAP Ruum is the only productivity software fully integrated with the SAP C4 suite. Today, it serves more than 7,000 companies worldwide. Florian Frey, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Ruum describes how the project management and collaboration tool has evolved into a powerful and in-demand solution for SAP customers,

“When we set out to build a lightweight project management solution in 2017, little did we know that it would transform into a powerful no-code process management tool only 3 years later. With users from more than 7.000 companies, Ruum has become a popular solution in the SAP portfolio these past few years, utilized by customers and SAP internals alike to make their daily work smoother, more efficient, and more transparent.”

With the release of SAP Ruum’s new feature set, customers can easily build a business process management system that end-users will understand immediately. Now, creating structured routines outside of core systems can be done more quickly without the need to go through the tedious process of coordinating with IT teams to develop customised departmental processes. Frey adds,

“No one knows better what the routine has to look like, which steps need to be considered, who needs to approve and which other SAP systems are touched on the way. We’re so excited to give everyone in the enterprise the tool that will help empower them to build and change processes just the way they need them.”

Co-Innovation Project with Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero, a leading global online food ordering company, was one of the SAP customers who worked with the SAP Ruum team do make the process management software as intuitive as possible while maintaining its simplicity to allow ease of use and ensure exceptional user experience. 

The food ordering service company is present in over 40 countries and has around 22,000 employees. It operates an online ordering platform, its own delivery services in 400 major cities worldwide, and supports several catering businesses with a delivery and point-of-sale system.

The company needed an easily accessible and user-friendly tool for its business process management system to help keep track of the large number of concurrent projects it had going on.

Bruno de Andre de Almeida, Project Manager at Delivery Hero, worked with SAP Ruum and was able to significantly accelerate internal auditing processes with the software solution. The company integrated Slack, a real-time communication platform, with an AI-based chatbot, which is in turn connected to SAP Ruum, to improve task management, status collection, and trouble-shooting of projects. This co-innovation project resulted in Delivery Hero getting a nomination for the finals of the SAP Innovation Awards 2020.

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