Sapture reports results from first SAP salary survey

SAP salary survey

SAP recruitment firm Sapture International has surveyed over 1100 SAP professionals in Australia and New Zealand to gain insights into the current state of play on SAP salaries, recruitment practices and job satisfaction.

The survey revealed that the median salary for full-time employees working in the SAP sector was in the $125,000 to $150,000 range. For freelancers, the median daily rate was $901-$1000.

However, the report did state that the majority of respondents were aged between 31-35 (81.3 per cent), which may give a slightly skewed picture of overall salaries, due to these respondents being at earlier stages of their career. Only 0.48 per cent of respondents reported earning over $500,000 a year.

When compared with international SAP salaries, Australians are middle of the road, earning significantly more than their UK counterparts but less than in the US. The average salary for an SAP consultant in the UK is £47,216 per year (or around A$85,000), while SAP consultants in the United States take home approximately US $86,000 per year on average (A$115,000), according to Payscale figures.

Australians also seem to be quite happy with their lot – 63 per cent of respondents (both permanent employees and freelancers) were very satisfied with their jobs, with only a quarter declaring themselves to be dissatisfied. However, when asked whether or not SAP professionals felt challenged in their roles, this percentage of positive sentiment reduced to around 59 per cent, and negative views increased to 35 per cent.

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