Serole Technologies Implements SAP for Discovery Health

Serole Technologies

Serole Technologies, a global systems integrator that excels in the insurance industry, partners with Discovery Health to deliver exceptional results for its customers. The company has extensive knowledge of the worldwide insurance market. One of their niches focuses on the SAP for Insurance platform. This enabled the company to deliver mission-critical solutions to countries such as Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Meanwhile. Discovery Health is one of the leading South African financial services group that focuses on the delivery of medical schemes. These schemes are globally-recognised for their innovation. In 2014, the financial services group initiated the Renewal of Underwriting, New Business and Administration and Billing services programme (RUNA).

In 2016, the Serole Technologies participated in a request for proposal and proof of concept which shows the benefits of SAP for health insurance to Discovery Health; hence, building a harmonious working relationship between the two organisations. This is not SAP’s first time to venture into the medical industry. In fact, SAP have also put focus on medical and healthcare-related startups and initiatives.

In February 2019, the team kicked off the Discovery, Prepare and Explore phases using SAP’s Activate methodology. The design, development, and testing or the ‘Realize’ phase are currently ongoing. And because Serole has expert skills located across Australia, Asia, and South Africa, the RUNA’s project deliverables can be met on time.

Gary Coetzee, the Country Head of Serole Australia, shared his thoughts on the partnership with Discovery Health and pointed out how the latter was able to find ways to create an engagement model that will allow them to deliver the best possible solution. He said:

“The Serole team’s exposure to the forward-thinking people within Discovery Health has made us push the boundaries in terms of our own thinking and solutioning.”

Since its establishment, Discovery Health maintained its existing business practices, which contributes to its competitive edge. Some of the practices include policy administration, policy onboarding, and bespoke business innovation, which allows the group to develop its systems.

The medical scheme adopted a ‘build and buy’ approach instead of a wall-to-wall implementation and ultimately decided to take SAP’s Financial Services-Collections and Disbursements (FS-CD) module. It is also a proven billing solution that contributes to SAP’s suite of insurance products. This replaces Discovery Health’s existing collections and disbursement functionality.

Some of the main components of the FS-CD includes:

  • Automated depreciation functionality for items within an adjustable tolerance;
  • Overdue accounts to receive automatic reminders;
  • Payable accounting, receivable accounting, and dunning;
  • Integration with Discovery Health’s existing technology landscape;
  • Integration with external client systems which includes policy management and finance;
  • Collection of claims payment and premiums;
  • Premium invoicing of customers; and
  • Facilitation of broker collections

While Serole Technologies played a crucial role in Discovery Health’s decision-making journey, the former looks to build a relationship with Discovery Health and venture into other areas related to technology while supporting the medical scheme in its endeavors to dominate the insurance market.

Roland Pepper, the Delivery Executive of Serole South Africa, shared how he looks forward to growing their footprint and building new client partnerships with African, American, and European clients. He also pointed out how SAP has been working extensively with the two organisations to improve the quality of the FS-CD and emphasised that SAP works best when matched with the excellent skills of a qualified partner and customers like Discovery.

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