SNOW Adapter: An SAP Endorsed App for SAP Solution Manager

SNOW Adapter: An SAP Endorsed App for SAP Solution Manager

SNOW, the bi-directional Application Program Interface (API) Adapter that integrates ServiceNow with SAP Solution Manager is now an SAP Endorsed App, available for digital discovery and purchase on the SAP App Center.

The SAP Endorsed Apps program is a new premium category of SAP partner solutions aimed at delivering value with desired outcomes to help customers become best-run intelligent enterprises. Solutions awarded with this premium certification go through in-depth technical testing, measurements against benchmarks results, and due diligence that meets stringent requirements in a customer environment. These technical quality checks are conducted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC ), during which code is analysed and custom recommendations are provided for enhancing and optimising the solution.

SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow Connected

For SAP customers, having a centralised robust application management and administration solution that can support both SAP and non-SAP software plays a crucial role in business success. Having the right IT Systems Management (ITSM) tools to ensure overall transparency and traceability across all applications is imperative for conflict-free applications management that won’t disrupt on-going business operations.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is the ‘go-to’ ITSM toolset for many customers because of its accessibility to users through redefined and user-friendly interfaces. However, having multiple ITSM applications in managing SAP solutions presents a new challenge for organisations: duplicating data and updates to provide visibility and traceability across all applications—enterprise-wide.

As the first-ever accredited interface between SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and ServiceNow (a cloud computing platform that helps companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations), the SNOW Adapter eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming dual workflow management and data replication—reducing costs, increasing IT efficiency, and improving customer service. This ultimately allows for more efficient applications and change control management between an organisation’s business and IT teams.

The out-of-the-box solution from Concorn resolves the difficulties many SAP customers faced: having a user-friendly interface between SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and ServiceNow, and having a single source of truth of all information from both tools. The SNOW Adapter successfully simplifies ITSM for change control and incident management, allowing seamless communication between different user groups.

Reconciling ITSM information (on premise or in the cloud) between SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and ServiceNow saves an organisation significant time spent on manual resources and mitigates risk.

SNOW – Premium Certified by SAP

The SNOW Adapter has been designed to support different processes on SAP Solution Manager: change management, incident management, application operations, ITSM, dashboard, and reporting. The premium certified solution offers a way for organisations to better manage both their SAP change control process and the interaction with other functionalities to create ServiceNow incident tickets.

It provides visibility and traceability of the entire change life cycle by automating the creation of ServiceNow change requests in SAP Solution Manager change document, allowing for a synchronised status and a single workflow.

The application also reduces system downtime by allowing users to create incidents reports in ServiceNow directly from SAP back end system and help direct and resolve issues quickly. Moreover, it automates the transfer of key information from SAP Solution Manager onto Change Request Management (ChaRM), Application Options and Incident into ServiceNow—empowering analytics, maintaining data accuracy and reducing costs and risks.

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