SpinifexIT launches Strato document generator for SuccessFactors

HCM solution specialist SpinifexIT has released Strato, a cloud-based employee document generation solution for SAP SuccessFactors users.

The solution integrates data from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SuccessFactors Recruiting to create employee documents, letters and statements. Sitting on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Strato uses single sign-on to create an integrated experience for SuccessFactors users.

Users of all types, from employees and managers to HR administrators and recruiters, can log into the solution to generate documents.

Planned releases will also extend data integration to on-premise SAP ERP HCM data, which would make Strato the only solution to produce documents with data from both on-premise SAP HCM and  SuccessFactors systems.

“The ability to use conditional formatting to vary document output makes Strato unique in the marketplace. This decreases the number of templates needed, reduces time spent creating employee documents and improves document accuracy,” said Gregory Tutt, SpinifexIT’s global solutions and innovations architect.

“Start highlights SpinifexIT’s ongoing commitment to developing innovative software that helps SAP SuccessFactors customers of all sizes maximise the return on their cloud HCM investments,” said Darren Pithie, SpinifexIT global CEO.

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