SpotBot Cellular Integrates with SAP System

SpotBot Cellular monitors goods that can be damged during shipping

SpotBot Cellular of SpotSee received its CE marking early this year allowing distribution of the impact-monitoring device in all countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and the United States.

SpotBot Cellular creator SpotSee, a global leader in the production of precision impact indicators and recorders, has partnered with Domain Consulting Group, an SAP consulting company that implements SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign. The partnership aims to provide a more visible supply chain to customers by combining the tracking capabilities of SpotBot Cellular with SAP HANA and ERP systems.

Spotsee’s Vice President, Product Portfolio Angela Kerr said that the partnership allows users to integrate their supply chain data directly into ERP systems. She detailed:

“The sensor data from SpotBot Cellular can be merged with shipment data from a customer’s ERP, to provide a singular, complete view in real-time.”

SpotBot Cellular is a standalone device that delivers global, real-time, tri-axial impact monitoring, temperature recording and location tracking through cellular connectivity. The device is used to monitor items susceptible to damage during transport, tracking impacts, temperature changes in any location around the world. This provides comprehensive supply-chain transparency.

David Kramer, President of Domain Consulting Group expressed his excitement in teaming up with SpotSee and utilizing the SpotBot Cellular sensor. He said:

 “SpotBot Cellular has exceptional cell connectivity, meaning less missed messages, and longer battery life, two critical factors to consider when using battery-powered, cell-based sensors.”

Domain, an information systems consulting group, implements SAP solutions such as SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign to get businesses run better and more efficiently.

In this venture, Domain facilitates the integration between SpotBot Cellular and SAP’s system by retrieving data directly from SpotSee that contains the most recent sensor readings. Once collected, that data is then read, interpreted, formatted and inserted into an SAP HANA database. Domain’s SenseIT IoT then issues alerts to notify users when measurement thresholds have been exceeded once the integration is completed.

Through this partnership, state-of-the-art technologies such as SpotSee and SenseIT IoT are merging sensor and shipment data. This gives customers a new level of visibility into their shipments including historical data patterns to facilitate analysis on recurring issues and vendor performance.

More about Spotsee’s SpotBot Cellular

SpotBot Cellular promises to reduce the high cost of global supply chain damage through a real-time, damage-monitoring device and service. Through the SpotSee Cloud via SpotSee Connectivity, a unique and low cost global cellular communication method that works anywhere in the world where cellular coverage is available, the damage information is delivered in real-time.


•    Real-time Impact & Temperature Notifications

•    24/7 Access to Trip Data from anywhere in the World

•    Best-in-Class Impact Detection Data

•    Longest Battery Life in Industry

•    Flexible Settings & Download Capabilities

More About Domain’s SenseIT IoT

SenseIT combines ERP shipment information with the sensor data to provide a complete picture of the shipment in real-time. SenseIT generates a Certificate of Product Handling (COPH) listing the details of the entire shipment upon completion of a shipment. COPH can be delivered to the customer along with the products and can be used to support a claim with the carrier in cases where shipments are compromised.

Using the power of SAP HANA database management system, the “big data” accumulated by SenseIT IoT overtime becomes a powerful tool for analyzing any firm’s shipment practices and carrier selections.


•    Interprets the data from various sensor manufacturers. Domain can add sensors to the SenseIT as needed.

•    SenseIT can integrate with various ERP systems

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