Team Liquid Maintains Partnership with SAP for LCS Team

Team Liquid Maintains Partnership with SAP for LCS Team

League of Legends esports team, Team Liquid, has expanded partnership with SAP to cover its League Championship Series-winning roster.

In 2018, SAP and Team Liquid started its working relationship for their team that focused on Dota 2.

At the League of Legends World Championship, Team Liquid worked with SAP at its run during the said event. Their first win was set against Korean first-seed, Damwon Gaming.

Team Liquid’s Team Manager, Michael Artress, said:

“With SAP’s data, we will now be able to show Doublelift exactly why we aren’t picking him Vlad, but instead grabbing Sona during those crucial game five deciders. If we need to break down the laning stage, see how much damage was mitigated in a team fight due to items or abilities, or check the win rates when certain champions are paired against others, SAP will be there to help us with the data and analytics we need.”

SAP’s data knowledge will support the growth of the team’s players by analysing performances from its in-game data—the same data-led approach that was used in 2018 which landed them the fourth place at The International 2018. At The International 2019, Team Liquid landed second place.

Director of Strategic Partnerships for SAP, Milan Černý, said:

“For SAP, this brings a brand new challenge as we extend our focus into a second competitive title for the first time. Using our existing experience and various parts of the analytics from Dota 2, we will be supporting Team Liquid’s League of Legends team during their toughest challenge yet ⁠— the League of Legends World Championship – and beyond on their continuous mission to be one of the most successful teams in the world.”

Esports Insider referred to SAP’s role in Team Liquid’s performance for Dota2 as ‘vital.’ Now that the team’s LoL side has landed at a second place at the MSI along with another LCS title, the esports website said, “the sky’s seemingly the limit with this partnership.”

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