TechEd: New machine learning, Internet of Things offerings

Machine learning (ML) is the focus of three new initiatives designed to increase adoption, announced by SAP at the SAP TechEd conference in Barcelona this week.

With Gartner predicting that smart machines will be a top five investment property for more than 30 per cent of CIOs by 2020, SAP is helping organisations get ahead of the curve.

A new solution, “brand intelligence” developed by the SAP Innovation Center Network, will analyse brand exposure in video and images by leveraging deep learning. The solution will be released in beta by the end of the first quarter of 2017, and is designed to help advertisers gain accurate, real-time insights into sponsoring and advertising ROI.

SAP has also launched a new partner program for SAP Application Intelligence. Participants will include SAP global services and technology partners and solution extension partners, as well as technology providers and machine learning startups, with the program designed to smooth the path for customers to consumer partner solutions based on ML and artificial intelligence by promoting interface certification and platform compatibility.

Finally, a new massive open online course on ‘Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell’ will also begin on openSAP on November 14. Present by Dr Markus Noga, vice president for machine learning at SAP, and Dr Daniel Dahlmeier, leader of the Natural Language Processing team at SAP Innovation Center Network, focusing on how to leverage machine learning for business outcomes.

“SAP’s vision for machine learning and artificial intelligence goes way beyond one business application. It’s about creating business value by infusing our entire set of solutions with more intelligence, and providing a platform for our employees and an ecosystem to build machine learning solutions on,” said Juergen Mueller, chief innovation at SAP.

IoT Application Enablement solution released

SAP also introduced an SAP Internet of Things (IoT) Application Enablement solution, based on the HANA Cloud Platform, to help customers and partners develop IoT solutions efficiently.

The solution allows users to create an enhanced virtual representation of a product, service or process, by combining sensor data, business data and contextual data. The product includes development environment and tools, micro services and smart data storage, and integration to business processes and applications.

“SAP IoT Application Enablement provides a powerful virtual model that shows how a thing will operate with real time data over its lifetime,” said Tanja Rueckert, executive vice president, digital assets and IoT, SAP.

“It also delivers an IoT tailored development environment that promotes development efficiencies and provides a common foundation across all apps. Customers are now able to develop IoT solutions efficiently, with a reduction in errors and ultimately an increased time to market.”