The New SAP Marketing Cloud 2005: What You Need to Know


In line with its quarterly Version Strategy and Maintenance, SAP releases new enhancements to its cross-industry marketing and sales solution: the SAP Marketing Cloud 2005.

These latest enhancements focus on enabling SAP business clients to build and maintain high-value B2B relationships, effectively progress the interactions along the customer journey, streamline email production and testing process, and efficiently manage marketing activity coordination.

360° Perspective on Customers

SAP Marketing Cloud 2005 enables businesses to gain better insights into customers’ real-time intents with the latest improvements to its Dynamic Customer Profiling capabilities

The new “Interactions” tab allows businesses to create a more enriched customer profile by providing a means to view all details of historical interactions across multiple channels, filter customer contacts through customizable UI fields based on interests, and easily navigate to the corresponding campaign assigned to a customer contact. This allows marketing administrators to rank and classify customers according to the business’ specific needs and purposes.

Moreover, marketers can now segment customers on their most recent or most frequent marketing location (i.e. a physical store or an online store). With this added feature, businesses can create improved and personalized follow-up campaigns by including the most relevant marketing location in emails. Marketers are equipped to better understand customers based on their past behavior and helps in predicting what they are likely to be interested in and their buying propensity.

Improved Customer Journey Experience

Using the Multichannel Campaigns content studio, designing a single campaign that integrates actions from other marketing channels such as Google Campaign Manager and custom integrations using the External Campaign Execution is made much simpler. Marketers can transfer customer contacts based on activities in SAP Marketing Cloud campaigns to strategically align external campaigns anywhere in the automation flow and create relevant paid media ads to improve the customer journey experience and execute engagements.

Enhanced Email Marketing

For business clients who have a signed contract with Litmus, testing email campaigns is now simpler with the addition of Litmus Email Previews. The integration of Litmus with SAP Marketing Cloud allows marketers to test the compatibility of email campaigns across different devices, browsers and email programs, and automate pre-send testing.

The Email Lite design studio also adds customized preview texts as a perfect supplement to email subject lines to help marketers increase open-rates and execute campaigns efficiently. 

Additionally, product information and links can now be added in Email Lite through Product Blocks which automatically reflects updates made in the product database. This new feature is part of a more dynamic content block in the SAP Marketing Cloud framework for future release.

Efficient Marketing Planning

SAP Marketing Cloud 2005 improves the visualization in the Marketing Calendar with the addition of the color label function which refines the visibility of marketing plans. To make it easier for marketers to collaborate and streamline marketing activities at scale, custom conditions can now be made as well for Marketing Approval Requests for workflows:

  • campaign approval workflow
  • marketing plans approval workflow
  • program approval workflow

Marketing experts and managers can also better analyze budgets and spends with the new filtering function based on a campaign’s data set on the spend item, and monitor data exchange messages for Spend Planning Integration with SAP ERP.

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