Uber Freight and SAP Creating On Demand Logistics Networks

Uber Freight and SAP Logistics Business Network

Logistics companies will have access to unprecedented on demand logistics networks in real time, thanks to an integration between Uber Freight and SAP Logistics Business Network.

The partnership, announced this week, will modernise and “future-proof” shipping and digital supply chains as well as reducing the carbon footprint of logistics. By digitizing the supply chain, large shippers will be more agile than ever, maximising the available utilisation of cargo space and minimizing time taken to source carriers.

Last year, Uber Freight launched their platform for shippers in the USA. Hundreds of shippers have since used the interface to access Uber Freight’s carrier network since then, gaining access to real-time quotes from carriers and increasing visibility into available capacity.

Built on SAP Cloud Platform and HANA, SAP Logistics Business Network brings shippers together with freight forwarders, carriers and other logistics partners to onboard, collaborate and exchange vital information. Hala Zeine, President of SAP Digital Supply Chain, said:

“Finding and booking freight can be the most expensive and often the most complex piece of the supply chain… this combined solution will remove roadblocks and offers a simpler, more automated approach that streamlines operations, delivers tangible cost savings and ultimately creates a better customer experience. Adding Uber Freight to our SAP Logistics Business Network will help our customers optimize their logistics and put their customers at the heart of their digital supply chain.”

The partnership promises to connect both sides of the freight marketplace. Uber Freight’s carrier network will expand SAP Logistics Business Network’s access to real time carrier pricing and data. Meanwhile, shippers will increase agility and reduce inefficiencies with an Uber Freight API integration.

Senior Director of Uber Freight, Bill Driegert, said:

“For the world’s biggest shippers, an efficient, digitalized supply chain is critical to their success. Uber Freight is partnering with SAP to bring shippers and carriers together at the level where freight decisions are being made. This innovative tech-forward approach to freight means shippers can spend less time sourcing quotes and capacity and more time getting goods to market.”

An added benefit of the partnership is the reduction of carbon emmissions by carriers within the network. InsideSAP loves innovation that drives positive global impact. We are pleased to learn that the larger carrier network and greater insight into capacity reduces under utilized trucks, which contribute 200 tons of emmissions each year.

Uber Freight and SAP Logistics Business Network have each released press statements:

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