UltraServe enters US on back of SAP Hybris demand


Matthew Hyland, UltraServe

Australian ecommerce specialist UltraServe has seen demand surge for its expertise in deploying, supporting and hosting the SAP Hybris ecommerce platform in the cloud, leading to expansion to the United States.

UltraServe recently opened an office in Chicago, Illinois, following an engagement in the US assisting a pharmaceutical multinational to get a challenging Hybris deployment back on track within weeks.

The company has previously won business in countries such as Brazil and India, as well as Australia.

UltraServe CEO Matt Hyland said the US office gave the business global credibility.

“Its location in Chicago is conveniently central between the country’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts, which simplifies the prices of meeting with enterprise organisations and assisting customer once they’re onboard. It also broadens UltraServe’s 24×7 support capability,” Hyland said.

“As well as winning new business, existing customers are expanding the services they buy from us.”

Hyland also said that UltraServe’s focus on ecommerce, as well as its SmartStack provisioning software, is helping to drive the growth of the company.

“There’s a wide range of generic cloud-hosting businesses, but as no other business specialises in this particular area in the way that we do, we’re starting to become well-known for our experience, expertise and specialist skills in ecommerce platforms,” he said.

According to UltraServe, the SmartStack software automates much of the development and deployment process to facilitate the deployment of new iterations of development in hours instead of weeks.

“The benefit for our customers in Australia, the US and other international markets is not only a reduced development time and cost, but a faster learning curve. SmartStack lets them identify what works – and what doesn’t – and deploy a redesigned environment in days instead of months. That prompt responsiveness provides them with a serious competitive advantage,” Hyland said.

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