United Energy improves data insights with HANA

Victorian electricity distribution business United Energy and licensed gas distributor Multinet Gas has implemented SAP HANA to innovate and streamline their IT systems to become more efficient and deliver faster response times to employees and customers.

The two businesses were operating an outsourced business model, and managing systems and information across both United Energy and Multinet Gas. This created challenges in managing and responding quickly to the volume of information across the complex IT environment.

Using HANA, United Energy and Multinet Gas now has one central data hub where employees can quickly and easily access all data. Where their previous legacy systems could only run analysis a few times a month on a small subset of data, the organisations can now analyse several years of data and run various complex modeling scenarios in a few minutes. This has brought significant improvements in forecasting ability since HANA was implemented three months ago.

The companies selected HANA as the platform to implement because of its simplicity of design, as well as its ability to manage large volumes of data, including heritage information.

Anna Manojlovic, manager IT strategy and information, United Energy said, “The objective of the project was to implement a central platform to bring disparate data together and drive value for the business. The implementation was very straight forward. We deployed a complete enterprise solution in just four months and it came in on-time and under budget. SAP HANA is so simple to use that we were able to effortlessly manage the solution. What is fantastic is the ease and speed with which SAP’s big data technologies can be applied, and the rich results they can deliver.”

“We operate in a highly regulated environment and need to have deep insight into our data and be able to respond nimbly to changing regulations. With SAP HANA, we are now able to do this,” said Basile Sepsakos, head of IT, United Energy. “SAP HANA has enabled us to see patterns that were not visible when only working on fragments of data. It helped us to immediately understand problems with our forecasting models, which was a benefit we weren’t expecting.”

By simplifying the provision of its complex data and insights, the IT team serving United Energy and Multinet Gas has been able to provide the business with access to more granular data, in real time, and with improved credibility. The solution has also made it easier to troubleshoot and locate specific problems, and enables the prototyping and modeling of business initiatives in real time to get instant feedback.

“We already have a significant work plan for the next two years across all business departments. We are focused on achieving faster times to add value for our business users, at reduced solution cost and reduced risk. Two main benefit areas for us are business efficiency and information insights that were previously not achievable. SAP HANA has given us results and benefits in both areas that exceeded my expectations,” Manojlovic said.

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