User feedback key to development of Salt Apps suite

By Freya Purnell

Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) has finalised its initial suite of free Salt Apps with its 1.4 release, introducing an expanded Watch Bot app and completing the set of eight mini apps announced when the Salt beta platform was released in 2010.

Launched in October last year, Salt Apps, which provide automated change functionality targeting custom code in SAP solutions, has been adopted rapidly by Basis and project teams working on SAP-based systems both small and large, with active form contributions helping RSC developers refine the suite and come up with ideas for new apps.

The 1.4 release has also seen an expansion of the Watch Bot app from objects to system level, increasing its utility for multiple system-level stakeholders.

For example, a project manager can be notified immediately if any system goes down, while developers or customisers can be alerted and resume work immediately when a system comes back up, or be informed of a system restore that removes some of their changes. A Basis member can check uptime patterns by tracking the Watch Bot alerts, while email alerts can notify of system events even when recipients are at home, working remotely or otherwise not logged into the system.

RSC has plans to further develop the suite, which is designed to automate small IT “chores” which are necessary for system maintenance but take time to do manually.

“Making our tools available to customers with installations of any size will help every IT team to become more productive and efficient,” said David Drake, RSC CEO. “These little apps quickly become a normal part of IT workflows as teams discover how automating even small, routine chores boosts their productivity.”

Adam Cleversley, senior programmer, RSC, added: “These powerful little chore-handlers help a lot of teams deal more efficiently with the furious rates of evolution in the infrastructures they maintain. That’s one reason our Salt user forum is so active – people send in great ideas for new apps that other users help refine. We’re having no trouble at all in coming up with new Apps that people will want.”
Salt Apps is supported up to three systems at no charge, while fee-based subscriptions are available to support up to 20 systems.

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