Users jump on free Salt platform

By Elizabeth Kelleher

Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) says the 2010 release of its free Salt 1.2 platform for SAP software has seen resounding acceptance by SAP software users around the world.

Salt is a free SaaS application platform, which powers a suite of mini-apps for developers, Basis and project team members who operate SAP software-based IT systems.

These mini-apps, known as Salt Apps, allow users to automate time-consuming processes, such as keeping track of old code snippets, identifying lost or forgotten objects and finding differences across landscapes.

Salt 1.2 is the first major upgrade to the Salt project and expands on six of the original utility apps, improves on change intelligence and makes installation easier through the VM Open Virtualisation Format.

Revelation Software Concepts says that just weeks after its launch, Salt had already been implemented on SAP-based IT, from DEV-QA-PRD architectures to complex N and N+1 systems managed by global companies.

“We expected gradual, steady uptake of Salt Apps into the SAP software world,” said Rick Porter, vice president of business development, RSC.

“Instead, we crossed the ‘acceptance chasm’ almost immediately, and the number of Salt installations has expanded very rapidly. Our user feedback has been impressive, with forum users actively coming up with all kinds of new ideas, requests, tips and tricks.”

RSC CEO David Drake said: “Acceptance of Salt Apps might partly reflect market confidence in our products, which seems to have grown right along with system complexity as Rev-Trac usage increased among SAP application managers and other IT decision-makers.”

“If increased confidence and trust in Rev-Trac led to this rapid acceptance of our Salt Apps, we have cause to be very grateful to our users.”

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