What makes an excellent SAP recruitment consultant?

Getting the right SAP resources on your project can start with finding the right recruitment consultant for the job. Shane Morgan explains some of the attributes which distinguish the best from the rest.

Sometimes you hear successful business people say to be the best in the business, the focus should not be not so much on making money, but more on providing the best quality product on the market. Do this, and the money is more likely to come.

The way to excellence in SAP recruitment consulting is a lot like this – the focus needs to be on providing the best service possible, and not just on getting a result and therefore improving the bottom line.

So what does an excellent SAP recruitment consultant do that’s so special?

For a start, they are not focused on getting as many clients and candidates as they can in and out of the door in the fastest possible time! Good SAP consultants will display the following attributes:

  • Great people-skills. Since recruitment is all about human beings, good consultants will see clients as real people, rather than just as job tasks to be tackled. They will also have high ethical standards, and treat all clients and candidates with respect.
  • Be great listeners. Great consultants are able to determine the drivers of both their clients and candidates. In other words, they will understand what motivates them, and what their longer-term goals and desires are.
  • Be interested in relationship building. They will spend the time to build genuine business relationships with clients, and not just get a result and then move on. They also understand that strong relationships are essential to maintaining a good reputation in the industry.
  • Plenty of drive and passion, and an ability to see a job to its conclusion with the desire to get the best outcome for everyone involved in the process.
  • A desire to help guide the career of candidates, and provide support and follow-up, as opposed to simply getting them quickly into a placement and taking the cash.
  • The desire to help empower their clients to succeed in their businesses.
  • Professionalism in all their dealings. This includes displaying honesty, openness to new ideas, respect of privacy, discretion, and integrity.

OK, that’s the people-side of the equation. What about the business-savvy side, and the technical stuff? Top SAP consultants will also display:

  • A good understanding of their SAP clients’ businesses. This of course means fully understanding the technical side of the business, including how it functions on a day-to-day basis. In this way, they can seek out candidates with the specialist knowledge and skills that the client needs. However this is not enough on its own – the consultant also needs to recognise the culture of the workplace itself. This means that getting the right candidates should not just be a case of skills-matching, but of finding someone that will provide the best possible fit for the dynamics of the workplace.
  • An understanding that high staff attrition rates have the capacity to considerably push up the costs of running a business. This means that the consultant is aware that providing the most suitable candidates is extremely important for the client.
  • An understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in the industry – every business is unique, and tailored solutions need to be provided.

Finally, good SAP recruitment consultants are not overly pushy. This one might be a little delicate but it needs saying! The recruitment world can be full of consultants who don’t take the time to carefully screen candidates and properly listen or understand the motivations and desires of clients. Instead, they might go for the hard-sell, and/or push candidates into interviews for unsuitable positions.
In a nutshell, a SAP recruitment consultant with that special ‘edge’ will have a genuine interest in the success of both clients and candidates, plenty of drive, and the technical knowledge required to provide a tailored solution to their clients’ needs.

Shane Morgan is business relationship director at SAPTURE INTERNATIONAL. He can be contacted at shane.morgan@saptureinternational.com or via LinkedIn at

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