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Availery – the Social Enterprise:
Growing More than Just Business and Careers

The secret sauce of new social enterprise Availery is how the platform turns two of the most common challenges facing SAP companies into surprisingly irresistible opportunity:

  • How to find and engage SAP talent directly?
  • How to embed sustainable practices into everyday business process?

“We use each problem to solve the other,” says co-founder, AJ Moore. “Now that it’s built, it seems so obvious, because the two problems are so universal: SAP people and projects will always need to find each other, and everyone wants to be a better eco-citizen. So we thought: what if we could easily enable the ‘direct finding’ part, and then plant actual trees for every person, every project, every month? Most of us would have our own forest if this was around when we started in SAP.”

So they built a digital, cloud based platform that does exactly that. Availery uses smart-matching to directly connect SAP people and projects, then provides automatic real-time updates to candidates on every application status … and then plants real trees, for every person and every project, every month.

Availery is essentially where social enterprise and sustainable procurement meets SAP resourcing.

While Availery is officially a rec-tec start-up, they come from some well-established and serious in-house credentials. Co-founders AJ Moore and Selena Love come from over 20+ years of SAP project mobilisation, resource management and recruitment experience. They’ve worked for leading SAP Channel Partners, SAP recruitment firms and end-user companies; and even run SAP resourcing and professional services businesses. Selena is tertiary qualified in business and trained in SAP Netweaver, while AJ has a Deakin MBA and is trained in sustainability by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Both have extensive SAP networks, established reputations as market leaders and are members of the International Society of Sustainability Professional.

“We really wanted to ‘be the change’,” says Love. “After so long in the SAP industry, we just kept seeing the same problems: advertising is getting more expensive but less effective; recruitment agencies are significantly more expensive and there are a lot of frustrations there; people don’t have enough visibility on their applications or any control of their own data.”

“At the same time,” adds AJ Moore, “companies are trying to embrace sustainability, and they’re looking for practical things they can do that complement their business values and operations.”

And that’s where the idea of solving the two problems together came from.

Availery, as a direct booking platform, makes it ridiculously easy for SAP people and projects to find each other and engage directly. There are no third-parties, only direct-hirer listings. This saves employers a fortune in agency commissions, on-going margins and placement fees. Availery also uses a simple SaaS subscription model, which buys the generous ability of unlimited finding and engaging of people, saving even more money by avoiding pay-per-job advertising expenses.

Availery is a breath of fresh air. Literally.

Through a partnership with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, member subscriptions fund the planting and regeneration of natural habitat…with no further time, effort or expense on either people or project users.

“We wanted a way for companies to be making a positive environmental impact within their normal business process,” says Moore. “How awesome to know that you’re planting trees just for the SAP recruitment you’d have to do anyway?”

Social enterprise is not new … but also not common in the IT/ERP world. A social enterprise is a business that exists for purpose over profit, using business strategies to solve a problem or evoke positive change in the broader world.

“Consumers are increasingly making procurement decisions that consider a suppliers sustainability position. This goes for consultants deciding who they want to work for, as much as for the B2B market entering into commercial agreements,” says Love. “It’s how people and business truly affect eco-friendly change.”

Where to from here?

Availery is a shining opportunity for any company who hires SAP people for their own direct use, to grow more than just business and careers. An Availery subscription supports a social enterprise, that entrenches eco-friendly outcomes into the SAP resourcing business process, by directly connecting SAP people with projects and planting trees for every person, every project, every month.

Availery is open for early-adopter registrations now, with official go live in September. Join the community and support the movement growing more than just business and careers.

This article is sponsored by Availery.

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