Why SAP North America Taps ABM for B2B Action

SAP North America uses Demandbase to segment accounts based marketing

SAP North America has already shifted to account-based marketing since the start of the decade in search of finding a solution that could readily cater to the needs of its various audience segments across 26 industries.

SAP North America Digital Marketing Head Nick Robinson, shared SAP’s approach to B2B undertakings through Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) offering the only comprehensive AI-enabled ABM.

“We have a diverse set of customers with diverse needs, and that is only at the account level,” Robinson said. “When we start drilling in the buying committee for various solutions we offer, it is not just IT – it is IT and HR and finance. And all these different functions need to come to some kind of consensus.”

The German ERP solution giant has been utilizing a tool that could do customization without the manual processes and could personalize its content at scale since 2014 through Demandbase. He detailed:

“We got three times the amount of engagement by developing personalization. That was really the moment where we realised we had to now design for scale. So fast forward four-and-a-half-years and Demandbase is all over the place.”

Through Demandbase’s Company-Targeted Advertising solution, SAP North America can easily create the number of segments needed to reach different audiences. Specifically, Demandbase’s intent signal monitoring capability is effectively utilized. The said feature uses artificial intelligence to identify the most relevant buyers within targeted accounts by monitoring more than 150 billion B2B intent signals every month.

The digital marketing leader said:

“Instead of us trying to force the message towards the account, we can use the technology to listen to who is showing intent around keywords related to those solutions, and only then do we serve up ads to people inside those accounts that showed interest.”

He further explained that SAP is using the intent-based targeting both at the account and department levels unlike in the past when accounts were targeted at the IP address level. He added:

“It’s not just ads. It is ads in support of the integrated marketing campaign which will help sales get more conversations and meetings.”

Robinson mentioned that the ABM platform is also helpful in revisiting dormant or chasing net new accounts. He stated:

 “These are very hard segments of the market to acquire or reacquire, because there is not that level of trust built, especially with a strategic purchase like an SAP solution.”

Ultimately, now that buyers are more informed, the objective of SAP’s ABM approach is to promptly meet its customers’ needs through the use of intent signals. The SAP executive said:

 “With the use of data-as-a-service products like Bombora and Dun & Bradstreet, they are all developing these data solutions that will help us better predict what is happening outside of our four walls. That is the exciting part of B2B marketing I believe is really starting to align sales and marketing. Because every time we talk about this type of technology to sales, they get really excited. Half the battle in sales is in really knowing what is going on inside an account or set of accounts. And if they can know early that some kind of research is happening, they can get ahead of it.”

He emphasized:

“The technology has finally caught up to the needs of a B2B marketer.” 

About the Demandbase ABM Platform

It is the only comprehensive, end-to-end ABM platform that helps users to easily discover and manage audiences of target accounts, measure the progress of those accounts and act on them across the entire funnel. The technology offers:

·     Centralize command and control

·     Define target audiences

·     Measure success with ABM Analytics

·     Leverage real-time intent

·     Segment audiences per campaign

·     Discover opportunities in the customer journey

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